With your help I will change the world.

Preventing child trafficking by empowering vulnerable girls to become valued Daughters, educated women and independent adults.

We provide our Daughters with:

Family and Community

Our homes provide a loving, supportive, family environment where our Daughters are cherished and valued.

Quality Education

We view the education of each Daughter as an investment in her family and her entire community.

Encouragement to Dream

Our Daughters’ dreams impact their lives, and their lives  transform their communities.

Ethnic minority girls growing up in hill tribe villages in Thailand face significant risks of becoming victims of human trafficking, child marriage,  abuse and exploitation. Gender inequality starts at birth when scarce resources limit girls’ access to education, health care, mobility and independence.

At FTD, we reach across the divide of inequality to help vulnerable girls become empowered young women. We invite them to dream of a world without limitations and provide them with the tools to make it a reality.

Join Us and Get Involved

You can fight injustice and inequality today by sponsoring one of our Daughters.

Your gift will provide for the care and education of a valued Daughter and ensure she has every opportunity to create a life filled with equality and make a lasting impact in her community.

We are currently expanding our campus network with the building of Sunflower Thrivable Farm.

This farm will give our Daughters a place to practice many life skills as well as offer a sustainable resource and training for the community.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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