% of money raised

as of September 1, 2022



% of build complete

as of September 1, 2022

Sunflower Farm

Building Project

Location Set-up

  • Land Purchased 
  • Well Drilled
  • Land Cleared
  • Electricity Installed


  • Greenhouse Built
  • Model House

Foundation and Structure

  • Foundation – Completed
  • Adobe Brickmaking


  • Columns, Beams,  Trusses
  • Adobe brick walls
  • Stucco plastering 
  • Doors, windows
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Interior Finishing

  • Floor Tiles
  • Ceiling
  • Painting
  • Decorative bamboo 
  • Fixtures
  • Furnishings

Thrivable™ Farm Campus

  • Swimming pool
  • Organic fish pond
  • Sports courts
  • Chicken coop & enclosure
  • Permaculture gardens
  • Orchards

Eco Friendly Construction

FTD is creating a flagship campus which will be the largest adobe building in Thailand.


Expanded Opportunity

Our unique, beautiful and Thrivable™ campus will provide not only a home for our Thai Daughters, but a vibrant Community Center to host workshops, retreats and camps to teach a variety of subjects such as organic farming, permaculture, natural (adobe) building, English conversation, music, arts and crafts, health & wellness, yoga, sports activities, gender equity and leadership etc.


Community Centered

We want to create economic and educational opportunities to lift the community, not only our Daughters.

Our partnership with Maechan Rotary club connects us with business leaders and provides internship and job opportunities in the area.

Not Just Any New Building


Income Generating

Income-generating activities and skills-training projects will include hotel and hospitality management with our Farm-to-Table restaurant featuring organically grown produce and highlighting indigenous cuisine.

Agricultural products will include organically grown produce, fish and eggs to be sold to local area hotels and markets.



Guest accommodations will offer visitors the opportunity to learn about FTD’s mission, interact with our Daughters and staff and explore the area with our older Daughter Tour guides.

Volunteers will be recruited to share their skills and talents.

Join Us in Achieving This Goal

Current construction towards our goal

Raising The Roof

This project is only possible through the support of donors.  Join us in making this a reality for Thai Daughters as well as their communities.

Naming Opportunities


Friends of Thai Daughters’ Sunflower Thrivable™ Farm is being built to last for decades. We look forward to serving many generations of girls and their communities and to making our Farm a productive and inspirational center of excellence.

For our Friends considering a major gift, we would like to offer the following Naming Opportunities so that your support will be recognized in your name or that of a loved one. Please contact us at info@FTDThai.org for more information.

Join Us in Achieving This Goal

The Page Family


Cordelia and Buchanan Family Foundations





Ellin Dixon Miller

Library room renderingLIBRARY

Barry & Ray


Patti & Jesus


Buzz & Mark


In memory of Mama Doyle


In memory of Dotty


In memory of Guy Horgan


Southeast Asia Foundation


Roof Raisers $50k+

Otto and Fran Walter Foundation

“We support the Sunflower Farm because the young women who will thrive under its roof will grow into responsible adults who will  provide opportunities to many, many more young girls in the future.  

Cordelia Family Foundation

“We are thrilled to support the Aquatic Center at the new Sunflower Thrivable™ Farm. We know how much the Daughters will enjoy the swimming pool and what a beautiful addition it will be to the campus.” 

The Page Family

“We are proud to contribute to the construction of this beautiful and innovative campus that will provide so many opportunities for FTD Daughters and their communities.”

Rotary International

Rotary International

Ellin Dixon Miller

“The Ellin Dixon Miller Library will foster a lifelong love of learning and be a place where education and literacy are nurtured and encouraged.”


Blue Scope

Beam Builders $25k – 49k

The Estate of Dotty Mulcahy

Chuck & Betty Koch

The McBride Family

Your name here

Brickmakers $10k – 24k

Linda & Seiichi

Kate & Bob

Barry & Ray

Andrea & Marc

Mark & Tom

Molly & Mike

Sacajawea Foundation

Lois F.

Jane N

Your Name Here

Groundbreakers up to $10k

Patti & Jesus

Marlene & Janice

Jeff & Lee

Beth & Joe

Sharon & Doug

Peg E.

Eva and Celeste

Marie D.

Jeff & Elaine

Olivia & Dan

Jane N.

Carolyn & Bob

Marianne R

Olivia & Dan

Kara & Mike

Leslie B.

Paul & Louise

Moy M.


Dave & Julie

Cynthia & Becky

Christina K.

Billy B.

Laurie & Bill

Kim & Glenn

Mark & Buzz

Dorothy & Normand

Tamson H.

Ann & Clark

Ian & Tony

Sieben Family

Mary W.

Cathy & Larry

Alice & Andy

Frank & Debbie

Patricia M.

Cherie M.

Nadine S.

Lisa & Phyllis

Skip & Wendy

Alice & Frank

Debra R.

MIcah P.

Jane & Inder

Barb & Susan

Lenore I.

Ann R. J.

Andrew & Laurie

Chrissie & Marty

Laurie & Mark

Kippy & Fred

Mark & Ute

Diane B.

Carol P.

Doris & Christian

Your name here

Your name here

Your name here

Your name here

Your name here

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Join Us in Achieving This Goal

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