We Need Your Support

We need your help to make our daughters’ dreams a reality.

When you support us you are providing the tangible tools needed to provide food and education.  But beyond that, your support is also an incredible encouragement to both our daughters and our staff.  It is a reminder that they aren’t alone and that others also believe in this mission.

We need your support either through monthly sponsorship or through a one time gift to our program or our building project.  Please let us know if you have any questions and we would be happy to talk to you.

Sponsor A Daughter Today


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Look into her eyes. What do you see?

We see hope and dreams.

Hope of completing a university education.

Dreams of returning home with the ability to provide for their family and change the way their village and community thinks about the potential of their daughters.

You can be an integral part of building our Sunflower Thrivable Farm. It is an investment in our daughters as well as in the surrounding communities. You can help us bring the benefits of organic foods, permaculture, and living in harmony with the earth to our communities.

You investment will empower our daughters to lead the way in bringing these new ideas to life.

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We know that access to opportunity works. Our homes and office are staffed with educated, qualified women who came to us as girls, in need of family and support.

Now graduates like Aoy manage our programs and sit on our board of directors.

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