Your donation will allow dreams to bloom

We believe our Daughters can change their lives and change their communities around them. It is impossible to know how much the generational and sustainable difference just one life can make.

But that one life needs a chance.

Growing up in poverty can create a situation where fear, hunger, and hopelessness feel normal.  A girl will struggle to dream of a better life without safety, an education, or role models to learn from.

This is a cycle, but this cycle can be broken. All it takes is a chance. Your donation gives a Daughter this chance to determine her own path and be an active agent in her community and world for the next generation.

Thank you for giving this chance, for allowing our Daughters to dream.

Donations are tax deductible in the US. If you would like to sponsor a daughter please scroll down.

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If you would like to make a donation in Thai Baht directly to our Thai bank account


“In a part of the world that can sometimes be mired with exploitation and strife, there is a safe space for vulnerable girls to learn, to grow, and to thrive.  Friends of Thai Daughters offers a supportive home for young women to help them to overcome their poverty and vulnerability to prepare them as change agents and leaders within their communities.  The organization offers something that is in great need these days – hope.”   

Matt Friedman

CEO, Mekong Club & Former Regional Manager , United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking

“FTD renews my faith in humanity. The work you are doing will have a ripple effect you can’t even imagine, and yet you quietly and humbly continue your work, inspiring the rest of us to step up our game!”

Kathy Wrean

Sacagawea Charitable Foundation

“The most striking thing for us was the girls’ incredibly trusting, comfortable, and cheerful spirit. Building back trust and hope in a child who has gone through so much is a testament to the open-hearted example set by Jane, Patty and the FTD team.”

Shashi and Margaret Gupta

Gupta Family Foundation

“FTD is making it possible for cast-off children to grow into responsible, caring young women. The Walter Foundation is proud to be able to provide these girls with a new home and safe, loving environment.”

Marty Helman

The Otto and Fran Walter Foundation

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