Encouragement to Dream

Being encouraged to dream is essential for our Daughters. Growing up without enough food, surrounded by addiction and despair rendered them helpless and vulnerable. When they join the FTD family, they become empowered to dream of a future and a life of their own choosing. 

At FTD, our Daughters are encouraged to dream big. We believe that “You can’t be what you can’t see” and thus are committed to introducing our Daughters to a wide variety of careers, professions and pursuits ranging from dentistry to oyster farming.

Our Daughters dreams’ will impact their lives and transform their communities one relationship, one family and one village at a time.

We Encourage Dreaming Through

Role Models

The FTD family is close and connected. Graduate Daughters feel a deep sense of connection and responsibility to invest in the lives of their younger sisters. They visit often and inspire them to dream about university, careers and a successful future.


FTD encourages our Daughters to explore a wide variety of opportunities to expand their skills and education.

They have the freedom of self-determination, the freedom to see, to explore and to allow those experiences to influence their dreams.

Community Focus

As their dreams grow and mature we encourage them to think beyond themselves.

Their dreams may start with pizza, a good job, and a cute boyfriend but with guidance they mature and grow into a vision of communities that value equality and have the resources to invest in opportunities for the next generation of Thai daughters.

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