Friends of Thai Daughters – May 2020 Update

Congratulations to High School Graduates Song and Neung!

Congratulations to twin sisters Song (left) and Neung who graduated from high school in March, pictured here with Director and Housemother Kru Too.

Neung is going to study at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University to become an English teacher. She says, “being a teacher is not just about teaching books or transferring knowledge, but also about conveying my own experience.”

Song is going to study in Bangkok to become a Certified Nurse’s Aide. Song has a strong desire to help others and looks forward to becoming a healthcare professional. “Being able to take care of other people makes me very happy.”

Entrepreneurship: Pork, Honey and Sweets!

The word of the month is Entrepreneur! Our Daughters have been hard at work with their new microbusinesses. 

Given the new shelter in place orders, Chiang Rai Daughters have been cooking, packaging, promoting and sending off fried pork skin. They market their snacks on Facebook and have had quite the success rate! Bolstered by their success, they are now inspired to sell Thai sweets and are exploring other products. Who knew that a lockdown would unleash such creativity?

Meanwhile, Chiang Khong Daughters have a new honey initiative. They have been buying honey from villagers whose normal access to markets has been curtailed by COVID-19. Our entrepreneurial Daughters have been branding, packaging and promoting the honey and are using the proceeds to support learning and educational workshops and activities at the Rainbow House for village children.


Rainbow House: Health and Wellness Initiatives

The Rainbow House team has begun a village-wide health and wellness program. Our talented gardeners have planted organic vegetables, and are growing morning glory, lettuce, coriander, spring onions, lemongrass and chiles. They are confident that by providing pesticide-free vegetables to share with their neighbors, they can demonstrate the benefits of clean food and healthy eating. Daughters at the Rainbow House are also leading exercise classes for girls and young women in the village several evenings a week.

Earlier this month, the Rainbow House team organized a mask-making workshop and educated villagers about proper hand-washing techniques to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Message from the Daughters: “Thank you for staying strong with us. We will get through this together. Take care of yourself and we hope to see you in Thailand soon!”

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