Sunflower Thrivable™ Farm

We have shovels in hand so as soon as Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, we will resume brick-making and construction. The Farm is being designed under Peter Lombardi’s principles of Thrivability™: to produce more than you take and leave the land better than you found it. Several Daughters attended a workshop on how to make clean and green adobe bricks. Our plan is to be self-sufficient through our permaculture food forest, fish pond and farm-to-table restaurant. All built to provide our Daughters with clean energy, food, water and community. In addition, the Farm will offer many opportunities for Daughters to develop careers in agriculture, hospitality, farm-to-table food production and entrepreneurship. We will also have guest bungalows and even a pickleball pavilion! We welcome your visit in 2021.

Daughter Leadership Team (DLT)

Our Daughter Leadership Team (DLT) inspires our Daughters to be positive role models, change-makers, and educational leaders in their community. DLT has been working hard to plan for the arrival of the Daughters back in the Sunflower Houses. Over school break DLT has started a variety of initiatives to check in with Daughters in their villages, practice English, and aid in collective decisions-making, planning activities, and workshops for the Daughters. Some of the many activities DLT has been planning include: an FTD talent show, English Hour, a Health Challenge, Sports Day, an end of the year celebration, and monthly workshops committed to addressing community needs.

To stay in touch during COVID-19, DLT asked our Daughters to share what they have been doing over school recess. The Rainbow House shared this awesome video of their exercise class!

We are excited to announce that, thanks to you, we’re one of 2020’s Top Rated non-profits!! Click here to read our stories or add your own!

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