Since 2002, we have witnessed dramatic transformations in the communities where we work simply by breaking the barriers of inequality through education and support to vulnerable girls.

Our Daughters thrive when given the opportunity to follow their dreams and determine their own course in life.

Lives are Changed Through

PROTECTION through A Safe Family Environment

FTD operates 2 residential shelters of up to 22 girls each, ages 10 – 18, who live in a family setting under the care and guidance of loving houseparents.

The homes are structured to teach a healthy family experience. Daughters help with household chores, cooking, and gardening. They enjoy music, dancing, hiking and field trips to different parts of Thailand. Volunteers teach English, arts and crafts, reading and sports.

EMPOWERMENT through Education

A key element to our program is education. Several of our daughters choose to live in our homes so they are closer to k-12 education. Beyond that our Daughters receive educational funding through university to enable them to be self-supporting adults upon graduation.

Many of our Daughters attend or have graduated from Thailand’s top universities. Graduates have gone on to become nurses, dentists, business managers, accountants, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs.

ENCOURAGEMENT through Mentorship

FTD is not just a program, it’s a family where older sisters help younger ones with homework and life skills. Houseparents provide a shoulder to cry on and the entire family celebrates each Daughter’s success.

After Daughters graduate from college, they remain family members receiving emotional and professional support as they forge their careers and build their lives as strong, self-confident, and independent young women.

Protection through A Safe Family Environment

At our Sunflower Homes, and through other community programs, we provide a safe family atmosphere where our Daughters’ physical and emotional needs can be met.

It is from this place of safety and family that our Daughters are encouraged to dream for themselves and for their communities.

Our Sunflower Homes Provide

  • Loving family environment
  • Shared roles and responsibilities
  • Role modeling and mentoring
  • Encouragement to dream
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Celebrating cultural traditions
  • Fostering civic engagement
  • Volunteering and community service
  • Conducting workshops and camps
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Leadership skills and training
  • Study tours and internships
  • Household budgeting
  • Anti-trafficking awareness

Empowerment through Education

We believe that each and every Daughter is valuable beyond anything we can measure. We believe in her ability to influence and change her family and community for the better.

We believe education not only expands her impact and her reach but unlocks doors, removes barriers and exponentially increases her chance of success in everything that she does.

When they graduate, our Daughters are confident in their ability to live independently and in their value as a human being. As their lives progress they will pass this knowledge and these skills on to their friends, children and other members of the community.

Over time, fewer girls and women are dependent and trapped in a cycle of inequality, and instead grow up in a culture where confidence and independence is respected and celebrated.

How we invest in our Daughters’ education






Study Tours


Computer Literacy



Encouragement through Mentorship

Growing up without enough food, surrounded by addiction and despair impacts what girls see as possible. When they join the FTD family, they become empowered to dream of a future and a life of their own choosing.

At FTD, our Daughters are encouraged to dream big. We believe that “You can’t be what you can’t see” and thus are committed to introducing our Daughters to a wide variety of careers, professions and pursuits.

When our Daughters graduate from university, their families and communities welcome them as respected role models, able to provide financial support for younger siblings and older relatives.

The impact of women graduates, passionate about improving their communities, is significant.

We Provide Mentorship and Modeling Through

Role Models in a Family Environment

The FTD family is close and connected. Graduate Daughters feel a deep sense of connection and responsibility to invest in the lives of their younger sisters.

Even after they are grown and have families of their own they visit often and inspire the younger girls to dream about university, careers and a successful future.

Many Different Opportunities

FTD encourages our Daughters to explore a wide variety of opportunities to expand their skills and education.

They have the freedom of self-determination, the freedom to see, to explore and to allow those experiences to influence their dreams.

Community Focus and Involvement

As their dreams grow and mature we encourage them to think beyond themselves.

They see and experience the communities around them and grow into a vision of communities that value equality for the next generation of Thai daughters.

Junjira "Jun" Kirisaenphum

Junjira "Jun" Kirisaenphum

Director, Daughter Leadership Team

Jun joined the FTD family when she was in 9th Grade and is now a senior at Rajabhat University, majoring in International English. A natural born leader, Jun enjoys organizing activities and workshops on a variety of subjects from organic gardening to gender equality. She has traveled to the US several times and spoken at the United Nations on the rights of girls and women. Jun exemplifies the qualities of a youth leader and is a role model for all of our Daughters.

Daughter Leadership Team

Our Daughter Leadership Team develops and lead activities related to environmental sustainability, human rights, and community service. These Daughter-led initiatives foster empowerment, leadership, independence and activism.

Each year as our Daughters graduate from universities and vocational schools, they emerge equipped with new ideas and skills to bring equality, justice and progress to their communities.

Over the course of their lives, each of our Daughters will have a significant impact on the people around them.

They will change how people think, how they treat each other, and the value that the community places on educating girls. As they succeed in their lives they become role models, not just for their own families  but for the entire community.

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