Sunflower Thrivable™ Farm

We live and work in agricultural communities. We long to see our communities progress towards equality, sustainability, health and independence.

We are building our farm to be a welcoming place where we can model the cultural and community values that we want to flourish and take root in our community.

We have purchased land and broken ground in a beautiful area north of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Our farm location will include an organic permaculture garden, fish pond, a farm to table restaurant, meeting space, guest rooms and guest bungalows. It will provide jobs for marginalized women, opportunities for the community to learn, and places for guests to relax and experience the hospitality of Northern Thailand.

Our new farm was designed by architect Peter Lombardi using his design principle of Thrivability™.

Our Farm 

  • Thrivable™
  • Respecting the earth
  • Natural building
  • Permaculture food forest
  • Organic swimming pool
  • Fish pond
  • Laying hens
  • Pickleball/volleyball pavilion
  • Value added products
  • Sports fields
  • Farm to table restaurant
  • Guest house
  • Community learning center

Why it is Needed

  • Job training
  • Employment for at risk women
  • Community education/skills development
  • Health and wellness training
  • Organic  food for Daughters and the community
  • Clean agriculture and environmental awareness education
  • Model our values to the community

Community Impact

  • Improve health of community members
  • Economic growth
  • Improvement in community agriculture skills
  • Improvement in gender equality and gender relations
  • Safe space for community to interact and learn
  • Venue for summer camps, workshops and retreats

Architectural renderings of the main building that will anchor our Sunflower Thrivable Farm.

You can be an integral part of building our Sunflower Thrivable™ Farm. It is an investment in our Daughters as well as in the surrounding communities. You can help us bring the benefits of organic food, permaculture, and living in harmony with the earth to our communities.

Your investment will empower our Daughters to lead the way in bringing these new ideas to life.

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